Where is the line that crosses “I want to make a comic” and “I’m working on a comic”? Is there one? Are you not “working” on it the minute you start thinking about it? Sketching out characters, thinking of stories?

For some reason I envision it in my mind as the minute I start the script. Even though I’ve done all this sketching, concepting, thumbnailing. I still feel in my mind this is a not for sure yet thing, but here I am, dreaming up entire lifetimes for these characters and putting fingers to keyboard. Pencil to paper and sketching, evolving these characters and this world.¬†Everything I do, see, taste, new and old is an element in this universe. The characters are me, my mind split apart, spread across a cast of characters on the edge of reality.

But yet, I feel still so unsure about so many things that I still just feels like an idea, not a work in progress. Might feel that way all the way up till I get the thing printed, but the day that switch flips will be an important day.

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